10 August, 2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has provided unequivocal assurance that the skies over Ukraine will soon be graced by the presence of F-16 fighter jets. In a recent statement, Zelensky underscored the unwavering commitment of authorities to fortify the nation’s air defense capabilities and prepare for any potential threats.

Zelensky, while addressing the nation, emphasized the continuous efforts undertaken by the government to equip the country with advanced air defense launchers and missiles. He revealed that these endeavors would persist, with a dedicated focus on enhancing national security. “Every day, every week, we strive to provide our sky defenders with the tools they need,” the President asserted, adding that this work will persistently progress.

The President’s determination was evident as he revealed his personal involvement in the mission to safeguard Ukrainian skies. “I am dedicated to ensuring the utmost protection for our skies. Our territory requires a substantial upgrade in air defense systems. Gradually, we are transforming this necessity into tangible capabilities for our Air Force and anti-aircraft divisions,” Zelensky stated. He further unveiled plans to procure modern fighter jets for the nation’s armed forces, expressing absolute confidence in the eventual inclusion of F-16s within the Ukrainian aerial fleet.

Moreover, Zelensky disclosed the outcome of a significant conference that followed a meeting of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s Staff. This conference involved high-ranking Ukrainian commanders, diplomats, and the head of the President’s Office, Andriy Yermak. The purpose was to strategize and collaborate with international partners to ensure the provision of essential ammunition and equipment to bolster the Ukrainian military.

In a display of appreciation, President Zelensky extended his gratitude to all individuals contributing to Ukraine’s defense efforts. He acknowledged the collective aspiration to liberate the nation from external aggression, particularly commending those who stand alongside Ukraine in this endeavor.

The President’s gratitude extended to the brave soldiers at the forefront of the conflict. Zelensky’s message of appreciation was resounding, touching every rank within the military hierarchy. He singled out the 35th Separate Brigade of Marines and the 55th Separate Artillery Brigade, applauding their exemplary dedication and performance. “Glory to all who fight for Ukraine, for each one of us, and for the preservation of life,” the President declared with reverence.

Highlighting recent developments, Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat had earlier emphasized the unparalleled capabilities of the American F-16 fighter jets. Ihnat underscored the aircraft’s potential to not only safeguard Ukrainian airspace from Russian intrusions but also to neutralize hostile missiles and drones with remarkable efficiency.

In summary, President Zelensky’s resolute commitment to enhancing Ukraine’s air defense capabilities and his unwavering confidence in the forthcoming integration of F-16 fighter jets underscore a pivotal step towards bolstering the nation’s security. This assurance, coupled with the collaborative efforts of Ukrainian forces and international partners, sets the stage for a stronger defense against potential threats, ultimately leading to the safeguarding of Ukrainian skies and sovereignty.