UKRAINE, 19 April, 2024 As the US Congress deliberates on long-awaited foreign aid legislation, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal issues a stark caution: failure to support Ukraine could precipitate a global conflict. With $61bn earmarked for Kyiv in the proposed package, Shmyhal urges swift action to address the escalating crisis.

The specter of a Third World War looms large, Shmyhal contends, should Ukraine falter in its struggle against Russia. His impassioned plea underscores the existential stakes facing the embattled nation. Amidst geopolitical tensions, the outcome of the aid vote carries profound implications for regional stability.

Russia’s dismissal of additional aid underscores the urgency of congressional action. Despite skepticism from some quarters, Shmyhal emphasizes the imperative of solidarity in confronting shared threats.

The fate of Ukraine hangs in the balance, its resilience tested by a relentless onslaught. As lawmakers deliberate, the world watches with bated breath, mindful of the broader ramifications of their decision.