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Xi Jinping Touches Down in France Amidst EU-Ukraine Trade Tensions

Delve into Xi Jinping's diplomatic mission to France, navigating trade disputes, EU scrutiny, and efforts to bolster Sino-French relations amidst global challenges.

Biden urges Congress to end impasse and send aid to Israel...

President Joe Biden urges Congress to end the impasse and provide aid to Israel and Ukraine amid rising tensions with Iran. The call comes after Iran's weekend attack against Israel, prompting concerns about potential escalation and the need for bolstered defenses in the region.

Landmark Verdict: Vietnam Tycoon Sentenced to Death in Record Fraud Case

In a historic decision, a Vietnamese court sentences property tycoon Truong My Lan to death for her pivotal role in a multibillion-dollar fraud scheme, underscoring the nation's crackdown on corruption and financial malpractice.

A Sobering Reflection: Palestine’s Uncertain Future After Six Months of Conflict

Amidst the devastation of Gaza, Raja Shehadeh contemplates the uncertain fate of Palestine, grappling with the weight of history and the specter of further loss.

Ukraine’s Dire Warning: Potential Consequences Amidst Stalled Aid Vote

Ukraine's Prime Minister warns of dire consequences as Congress mulls foreign aid, underscoring the gravity of the situation amidst mounting geopolitical tensions.

The Plastic Tide: Southeast Asia’s Battle Against Imported Trash

In Labuan, Indonesia, once-pristine beaches now bear the burden of imported plastic waste, underscoring Southeast Asia's struggle against a mounting environmental crisis.

Israel’s Response to Iran’s Air Assault: Netanyahu’s Stand

Netanyahu remains resolute amid mounting pressure for restraint, while Iran issues stern warnings against potential reprisals.

Malaysia’s Alleged Political Revenge: UK Journalist Jailed Amid 1MDB Scandal Fallout

Delve into the controversial case of UK journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown, facing imprisonment in Malaysia over alleged criminal defamation linked to her 1MDB scandal reporting. Discover the potential political revenge and its broader implications on press freedom.

UK Condemns Putin’s Irresponsible Nuclear Threat Over Ukraine

UK Foreign Minister Lord Ahmad condemns Vladimir Putin's irresponsible nuclear threat over the Ukraine crisis, emphasizing the potential global consequences and calling for a negotiated settlement.

North Korea’s Malligyong-1 Satellite Resurfaces: Experts Confirm Signs of Life

Experts confirm the Malligyong-1 satellite, initially thought to be inactive, is operational, challenging previous beliefs. Recent maneuvers suggest it's controlled from the ground. Dive into the details of these developments and explore the potential capabilities of North Korea's Malligyong-1.