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A multimedia journalist focused on producing articles about controversial global issues specifically on business, economy, politics, and technology. A strong believer in freedom of the press and exposing the wrong. only through engagement and communications can we as humans evolve. An accredited member of a leading local broadcast media organization.

Anticorruption Probe Targets Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad

Learn about the anticorruption investigation targeting former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and his sons, highlighting the widening scope of the probe and its significance in Malaysian politics.

Groundbreaking Cancer Vaccine Shows Rapid Response Against Aggressive Brain Tumors

A groundbreaking mRNA cancer vaccine shows promising results, triggering the immune system to combat aggressive brain tumors within 48 hours, offering hope in cancer treatment.

Trump’s Second Term Vision: A Shift Towards Assertive Governance

Trump's envisioned second term entails a recalibration towards assertive governance, encompassing radical immigration policies, reshaping of judicial independence, and challenging traditional international alliances.

From Illusions to Incarceration: Unveiling the Depths of Criminal Exploitation in...

Rachel Yoong's journey from a Facebook ad to a remote corner of Myanmar unveils the dark reality of criminal exploitation in the Golden Triangle. Forced into online scams and human trafficking, her story echoes countless others trapped in a web of deceit and coercion.

The Role of Casinos, Cryptocurrency, and Underground Banking in Fueling Crime...

Delve into the intricate web of casinos, cryptocurrency, and underground banking driving transnational organized crime across East and Southeast Asia. Discover the evolving tactics and policy recommendations to address this burgeoning threat.

A Sobering Reflection: Palestine’s Uncertain Future After Six Months of Conflict

Amidst the devastation of Gaza, Raja Shehadeh contemplates the uncertain fate of Palestine, grappling with the weight of history and the specter of further loss.

Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail Celebrates 6 Months: 2.56M Passengers

Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail, operated jointly by Indonesian and Chinese firms, celebrates six months of operation with over 2.56 million passengers transported, revolutionizing travel in Indonesia.

Tunku Yaacob Khyra: The Mastermind Behind KNM Group Bhd’s Vote Rigging...

Dive into the unfolding scandal at KNM Group Bhd, where Tunku Datuk Yaacob Khyra is identified as the ringleader of a vote rigging and shareholder identity misuse scheme. This exposé reveals the depths of the fraudulent activities that have thrust the company into the spotlight of federal investigations and led to significant legal and corporate governance repercussions.

Taiwan on High Alert as 19 Chinese Military Aircraft Intrude: Defense...

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defence identified 19 Chinese military aircraft and seven naval vessels within its vicinity in the past 24 hours. Responding to the intrusion, Taiwan deployed air defense systems and monitored the activities closely. This marks the 253rd instance of Chinese military aircraft and 150 naval ship detections by Taiwan since September 2020.

Symbio to Power Extreme H Racing Series with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Embarking in 2025, Extreme H pioneers the world's inaugural off-road racing series fueled by hydrogen cells. Symbio, a leader in zero-emission H2 mobility, brings its expertise and 75kW units to propel the transition to H2 power. This collaboration aims to shrink carbon footprints, aligning with shared sustainability goals for a greener future.