The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have recently confirmed that the initial alert about the virus outbreak came from Canada’s “BluDot.”

It is an AI-powered health monitoring platform that uses a sophisticated disease surveillance program to polish news in 65 languages, said Fox Business News.

Health officials explained that the robot was able to detect the deadly coronavirus one week earlier than they actually did.

The AI platform was founded by Kamran Khan and is operated by a group of health and technology experts.

It is intended to send warnings to users for them to avoid virus-stricken areas like Wuhan, China which is at the epicenter of the novel coronavirus (nCov).

Accordingly, the robot examines information through a machine learning to sort out trends and other parallels. Epidemiologists then double check the accuracy of the predictions and results before sending alerts and warnings to government officials and investors.

“We help governments protect their citizens, hospitals protect their staff and patients and businesses protect their employees and customers,” BluDot’s website reads.

Officially launched in 2014, BluDot was also the first to forecast the Zika virus outbreak in Florida and published the conclusions in the world’s largest medical journal “The Lancet.”

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