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KNM Group Berhad Chairman Tunku Yaacob and CEO Ravindrasingham-Balasingham

Malaysian High Court Halts KNM Group’s Restructuring, Citing Legal Breaches and Scheme’s Inevitable Failure

In a decisive move, the Malaysian High Court has rejected KNM Group Berhad's bid for a restructuring lifeline, spotlighting a series of legal violations and the scheme's lack of viability.

BREAKING NEWS: High-Level Leak Exposes Alleged Corporate Scandal Involving MAA Group Berhad’s Tunku Dato’...

A high-level leak has exposed an alleged corporate scandal involving Tunku Dato' Yaacob Khyra, a director of MAA Group Berhad. The leaked whistleblower report accuses Khyra of fraudulent misrepresentation and severe breaches of fiduciary duties, pushing FBM Hudson Italiana to the brink of financial ruin. Stay tuned as this explosive story continues to unfold.

Masks do reduce spread of flu and some coronaviruses, study finds

In the study, the use of surgical masks by sufferers significantly reduced the number of flu viruses detectable in droplets released through breathing and...