UK, 29 February, 2023: Vladimir Putin’s recent threat to use nuclear weapons over the Ukraine crisis has been labeled “irresponsible and deplorable” by UK Foreign Minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. In his parliamentary address, Lord Ahmad criticized Putin’s warnings against deeper Western involvement, emphasizing the potential catastrophic consequences for global civilization.

Putin made these comments during a state-of-the-nation address on the second anniversary of the Kremlin’s invasion and ahead of an upcoming election. Lord Ahmad, responding to the remarks, expressed the sentiment that such threats, whether intentional or as a shock tactic, are unacceptable.

In reference to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on the possible deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine, Putin warned of “tragic” consequences. He highlighted Russia’s nuclear capabilities, asserting that any such move by the West raises the real threat of a nuclear conflict.

Lord Skidelsky, an independent crossbencher, questioned the UK government’s stance, urging a push for a negotiated settlement with Moscow over Ukraine. Lord Ahmad reiterated the UK’s support for Ukraine, emphasizing the need for Putin and Russia to cease the war to prevent further civilian casualties.