Europe, 22 February, 2023: Extreme E has designated Symbio as the Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider for the upcoming racing series, marking its transition to Extreme H.

Extreme H is poised to become the world’s first off-road H2 racing series when it commences in 2025. This groundbreaking move positions Extreme H as a trailblazer in the realm of off-road racing powered by hydrogen. The newly forged partnership with Symbio signifies a significant step in integrating hydrogen fuel cell expertise into the series.

Symbio, a prominent player in zero-emission H2 mobility, is recognized for its design, production, and sale of cutting-edge equipment. The company’s role as the official supplier for Extreme H further solidifies its position in the industry.

Co-owned by Michelin, Forvia, and Stellantis, Symbio collaborates with various mobility pioneers, establishing itself as a key player in both on-road and off-road zero-emission mobility solutions. The company’s hydrogen technology extends across buses, coaches, commercial vehicles, motorsport, heavy-duty trucks, as well as warehouse and construction equipment.

Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining prominence in various industries, particularly in mobility, as they combine the range and durability of internal combustion engines with the zero-carbon emission advantages of battery electric designs. Symbio’s units, now in mass production at the SymphonHy Gigafactory, Europe’s largest integrated fuel cell production facility, aim to provide competitive, accessible, and high-performance hydrogen fuel cell technology.

In the context of Extreme H, Symbio will supply 75kW units to replace batteries as the primary energy source in the vehicles. The fuel for these vehicles will be green H2 produced using methods powered by renewable solar energy. While not entirely new to Extreme E, this technology has been quietly operating behind the scenes as a vehicle battery power source.

The collaboration between Extreme H and Symbio is more than just a technical integration. It’s a joint effort to reduce carbon footprints and champion circular economy principles, aligning with their shared sustainability goals. As the racing series shifts gears to Extreme H, the inclusion of Symbio as the Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider signals a promising and environmentally conscious future for off-road racing.