Argentina, 29 February, 2023: Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Diana Mondino, recently described a meeting with her British counterpart as “the beginning of a very productive future.” However, she strongly condemned Lord David Cameron’s recent visit to the Falkland Islands, a British Overseas Territory claimed by Argentina as Las Malvinas.

Mondino emphasized that there is no room for discussion regarding the future sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. She stated, “We are looking for the best way to achieve this, changing strategies to avoid options such as war or freezing relations with Britain. With a healthier society and an orderly economy, it will be easier to recover the islands.”

The comments come amid the new administration of Javier Milei, a radical libertarian who became Argentina’s president in December. Milei, refusing to acknowledge the Falklands as British, aims to lead the country through economic challenges, huge debt, and triple-digit inflation.

Lord Cameron’s visit to the Falklands, the first by a British foreign secretary since 1994, sparked controversy. He declared his hope that the islanders would choose to remain British “forever.” In response, Mondino condemned the visit as repudiatory, expressing a differing perspective on the issue.

Despite their differing views, Cameron and Milei had a “warm and cordial” meeting at the World Economic Forum, where they agreed to disagree politely on the islands’ sovereignty. The Falkland Islanders had previously voted overwhelmingly in a 2013 referendum to retain their status as a UK overseas territory.

As tensions persist, Argentina’s pursuit of the Falkland Islands remains a focal point in international relations, with hopes for a resolution without resorting to conflict.